Normal wear and tear occurs most often in the driver's seat on the side bolster. When this happens from the inside out, it is beyond uncomforable and foam repair is the #1 priority.  Other times, often with leather that has been untreated or with excessive usage, the material wears down exposing the foam. In both situations, every effort is made to recreate the original look of the vehicle. In newer models, some OEM fabrics are available at an additional cost. 

An annoying, sagging headliner can be a dangerous distraction or block your view. Matched to original color!  Hot rod style visors available in same colors. However, factory replacement visors must be ordered ahead of time if desired.  

Suspension Headliners

There's nothing that takes your ride from looking like a rat rod to hot rod faster than a new headliner besides a fresh coat of paint.  Hot Rod style visors available in matching materials.  

Center Console Lid

Sometimes delaminating occurs from an inferior material used to cut production costs. Replacements are made with proper materials. Not all makes and models are made to come apart, but those that are, are easily repaired.